Amplified Genius

Tribute to Rock Legend Jimi Hendrix

by Tracy Falbe

Whenever I engage in the fantasy of having a time machine, I always decide that my first stop would be the late 1960s so I could see Jimi Hendrix in concert. Since the first time I heard “Purple Haze” on the radio, I was captivated by the music of Jimi Hendrix. The emotion and raw rock-and-roll power of his music uplifted lyrics that ranged from mystical to thought provoking. Jimi Hendrix died before I was born, but his genius just might thrill people for the rest of time.

Video of Jimi Hendrix playing his guitar and singing allows me to behold a muse given flesh and plugged in. The utter joy he took in creating music is illustrated by the sublime concentration on his face and the confident ease of his stage presence. His clear love for what he is doing is enviable because most people lack such talent and passion. I can be thankful that Jimi Hendrix joined humanity for his brief 27 years of life during modern times so that his music and performance could be recorded and allowed to flourish around the world.

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Page 1 - A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix

Page 2 - A Guitar Hero Is Born - Jimi Hendrix the Early Years

Page 3 - Marching to His Own Tune - Jimi Hendrix Gains Experience

Page 4 - Rock-and-Roll Adventure - The Jimi Hendrix Experience Intensifies

Page 5 - Jimi Hendrix - Making Love With the Gods

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